Fruits and Losing Weight – 5 reasons why you should eat fruits everyday

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For some reason, fruits have been identified the enemy and put on the same level Trans fats and Sugar-filled morning cereals. For years, the fitness industry banned them from diets and Weight Loss Programs. They were judged as fattening food and even “unhealthy”.

Someone even told me one day that fruits were the cause of this person’s weight gain and that he would never give fruits to his family anymore…

But nowadays, after recovering from their past reputation, they are finally back on our shopping list and it’s time to put them in your plate more than ever… without any exception !

Today I give you 5 reasons to eat Fruits without (almost) any restriction :

Fruits for weight loss

1. Fibers :

Fruits contain a lot fibers, they will fight off “bad” Cholesterol from your body and help you keep you lean.

They are also essential to your digestive health. You want them in your diet as much as you can, they will balance your Ph as they are alkaline food, compensating from the protein and “unhealthy fats” that we tend to over eat as they are pretty much everywhere !

2. Micro nutrients :

They are the most nutrients dense food (with vegetables). They contain many of the essential micro-nutrients, different vitamins and minerals such as Potassium. Where most of the carbohydrate sources lack, this one compensated it and does the job right.

Whenever you eat pasta, bread, or even rice, as tasty as they are, they are “empty calories”.

The fact that you will start to eat more fruits, you will fight off any kind of deficiency and boost your metabolism significantly. You have to understand that these deficiency cause sickness and weaken your immune system which will prevent your body from losing the fat they you precisely want to get rid of as efficiently as possible !

So what is it going to be ? The high calories non filling, poor in nutrient carbohydrate source ? Or the super food that WILL make you lose fat and keep you as healthy as possible ?

3. Best source of carbs

Yes, even during weight loss, you should eat carbs for longevity and especially these ones. They do contain sugar but they won’t spike your sugar levels unless you eat 8-9-10 of them in a row. You need to implement them in your diet and maybe reduce the empty calorie ones.

Such as Wheat-based carbs (pasta, bread) or even oatmeal. As it contains a lot of anti-nutrients and gluten.

Plus, they are very feeling and you it’s not likely that you over eat them as you don’t add cheese or any oil to them which makes you want to eat more of them.

They are also way more convenient to carry with you. You can easily bring an apple or a banana with you, compared to your plate of pasta. You just drop it your bag and don’t have to think about it until you want to eat it. No need to refrigerate it.

Another tip : They are cost-efficient and you can buy them where you are heading, if you know where you are going to be why not buy them around your place of work ? You won’t even have to carry them and COOK them.

There is a very little risk that they get spoiled unlike cooked foods that would turn bad after 2-3 days. You can buy them and if they are not ripe enough, let them ripen in a corner. If you buy green bananas ahead you can have them up to 10 days before eating them, so you don’t have to go to shop every day !

4. Digestive Health

Fruits have a superpower, they take care of your Gut Health. They are way more digestible than any other kind of carb source. And you digest them very fast which makes them your best friends. Do you remember when you ate a huge plate of pasta and you wanted to sleep for two hours after the meal ? Those days are over.

Fruits make an excellent snack before working out, they are fast acting carbs so you won’t digest them during your gym session. Maybe mix a banana with some eggs for a nice pre-workout meal ?

They are some of the most easily digestible foods so give your digestive system some rest and eat some fruits… Please.

They need to be your Go-To whenever you have stomach pains or constipation. You can is a part of a crucial organ in your body, we tend to forget about it but Colon and Rectal cancer is the 3rd most common cancer in the world (more than 51,000 deaths in the US only every year)

5. Healing power :

One of their superpowers is that they will strengthen your immune system. Keep you from being sick, especially in the winter when you are weaker, you want to eat them even more frequently.

They help to have better looking skin and hair. I can’t stress this enough, your body need them to function well.

I usually give this information to make people react but I personally know people that you can visually see that theur health is declining and they don’t know why, then they tell me they’ve never eaten a fruit their entire life… They refuse to believe that might be the cause and try to have a better nutrition.

Fact : I am myself, big on supplement and believe in them, but they are here to supplement a healthy and balanced diet. We are not meant to live out of them. It kills me to see people taking vitamin supplement but they don’t have a fruit in their house and all they had this morning is a toast with butter. (DISCLAIMER : NOT HEALTHY)

Conclusion : (6&7. Bonus)

The main reason I eat them is because they are absolutely delicious.

They will also make a great healthy, easy to make dessert if you are inviting people over. You won’t even feel guilty with having dessert.



4 thoughts on “Fruits and Losing Weight – 5 reasons why you should eat fruits everyday

  1. Haha, all you can eat fruit evening sounds grand, especially if you chop them up and make them into a nice cocktail….better than the canned version. Thank you for the reminder to stay healthy…i do want nice skin and hair benefits you talk about and more

    1. You are on your way to perfection, I hope you find quality in my content.
      Fruits = fountain of youth !

  2. I started eating a lot of fruit recently, I was really surprised how much better things tasted which I cut out all the processed sugars from my diet, bit of a fruity now I guess hehe

    1. Great initiative Richard, if only your voice could reach out to others ! I couldn’t agree more with you about the processed sugar !
      Fruits are the first remedies we should use. (For common aches)

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