Why Am I Not Losing Fat – (anymore)

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Sometimes, after dieting for a while, it feels like your body doesn’t want to make you to lose weight. It can even happen when you just started your weight loss, but it doesn’t seem to “work” even after a certain period. There could be few reasons for that. Some might surprise you and seem off but trust me, most of these situations in that lost happened to me. Talk about experience !

1. Too much stressWhy am I not losing fat

A weight loss is not just about the calories in and out. It’s about your body chemistry and hormones. Indeed, when you engage a fat loss, you are causing a stress in your body. This stress is regulated through your “stress” hormones (cortisol and adrenaline).

The outside stress, the one you can get from you daily life has also an impact on your cortisol. What happens is that, usually to counteract the effect of cortisol, you eat some kind of foods : carbs and saturated fat are the main ones. The thing is that you are likely to be restricting these two even if you shouldn’t.

High cortisol levels are translated with fat storage, muscle loss, trouble sleeping, basically everything that we want to avoid at all cost.

So the problem is that your cortisol is high due to your job, to an argument going on at home, and anything that can give you worries. On top of that you are nor even healing yourself, as you are not consuming the right foods.

The cortisol is adding into your body and you are likely to fail.

My fix : raise your calories, especially sugar and the saturated fats. My personal snack : Some (high quality) cheese with honey. I feel good after and the association of Protein, fats, and carbs make it an ideal snack.

Too few calories

Yes, it is possible. And I would say that it is usually the reason why most people fail in their weight loss or health journey. They think that being healthy is to eat soup every evening at 6pm and stop eating or eating a salad for lunch.

There was a rumor going on that you don’t need carbs and a lot of calories to live. Well I am sorry to tell you that but your thyroid might not agree with you. Its function is to produce some the necessary hormones. It is stimulated by eating CARBS AND SUGARS. See the work of Ray Peat Ph.D.

Carbs are usually the first thing that people cut out of their nutrition and obviously the number of calories are dropping and you might lose weight very quickly, but this is the road of ruining your hormones.

consequences : Low Libido, moods swings, cravings, low energy, problem focusing and more…

The right way to lose fat isn’t to drop your calorie intake, but it is to eat enough of the right foods in order to boost the metabolism so it starts burning the calories for you.

One health problem at the time. Why am I not losing weight(Smoking)

This section is a bit similar to the first one. But, in my opinion it needs a special mention to itself.

Losing weight can be stressful, especially if it is something that is dear to you and that you are obsessed with it. Some of you might be smokers and are trying to change their lives, and I congratulate you for that. I was a smoker as well. I know that when you want to lose fat and live a healthy life you want it to change and fast. You might wan to quit smoking at the same time. Maybe it isn’t the best idea…

Again, it will be a source of stress and your body chemistry is already going to go all over the place if you are not doing it right. Adding this might be the drop that will literally drive you crazy and make you fail. You need to see the problem long term and think about the priorities.

My advice : Quit smoking first and eat healthy food without reducing the calories as it would be too much stress and it will give you momentum and some motivation. Obviously, I would recommend you to talk to a professional.

If you are a smoker and you want to quit, congratulations, I know how hard it is as it a (nasty habit that I had and I am glad that I stopped. I live so much better and save so much money. (You will make people around you happy as well).

If you have problems with food or struggling with smoking again while you are quitting, ask yourself if it is an emotional reaction… Most of the time it is.

Your body might not be ready to lose weight (for now)

The question that you have to ask yourself is ” Is my body going to be able to lose weight” It is a lot a question of general health. They are some signs that can help you recognize if your body is ready to engage a weight loss. The signs are the same as a good health.

  • How is your digestive health ?
  • Do you tend to gain weight very easily even if you don’t eat much ?
  • How is your sleep ? (Are you rested after 7 hours of sleep ?)
  • Your body temperature, do you feel cold often ? (not talking about cold weather)
  • How do you manage stress
  • Are you easily irritable ?

These questions should help you answer the question. They all are factors that determine if you the health of your metabolism and your capacity to lose fat.

If you want to lose weight safely and never gain it back, think health first. That mean boosting your thyroid with a good nutrition, good sleep, and active lifestyle.

Don’t be afraid to eat a lot of the good food.


Some people might think that this list is crazy but trust me, if you find yourself struggling during a weight loss, it is probably due to one of the above.

What do you think about it ? Have you ever experienced some similar problems in your life ? Maybe you are right now ?

Tell me in the comments below your experience. If you have any advice you can give us feel free to share them.

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