Top 5 Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss – Some are unexpected

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Making good choices might be hard sometimes as you don’t know what they are. Or even sometimes, you would even think that some are and turns out they have been working against you the whole time. I will identify in this article a list of “fake friends” that you should avoid in order to stay healthy and lose weight

1. BAD dairy productsTop 5 foods to avoid for weight loss

In a previous article, I was talking about the necessity of the dairy products in our diet and how they can help you reach you your fitness goals. I did specify one thing… Know where they come from. Dairies are only OK if they are whole and organic. Otherwise, they will work against you… The truth is that they even do the opposite of what a Good Quality dairy can do, they will tend to hurt your stomach, they are poor in micro nutrients and Amino Acids.

If you are going to implement dairies in your nutrition, and you definitely should, you should consider going for another option. If you really cannot, because of money reason like me when I was a student, select goat milk based dairy product. My personal go to : Goat Milk Greek Yogurt (full fat) even to get leaner

2. GlutenTop 5 foods to avoid for weight loss

This section isn’t going to please to a lot of people. Even me as a French, I used to eat Baguette and all sorts of French Breads every day and a lot of pasta as well as I live next to the Italian Border. The truth about gluten is that it is an inflammatory food and full of anti nutrients. After a couple of weeks after rejecting gluten of my diet, my joints felt way better and I could think clearer. I know it sounds a little crazy but maybe you should try it and make an opinion. My digestion is incredible. Oatmeal is included even if it is a high-fiber food.

When I crave bread, I male Sweet potato flour Buns, they are delicious and very filling! They are high calorie so be careful with what you eat on the side. As Gluten free is trending and I live in a bread country, we have many different Gluten Free options now for bread.

3. All Vegetable OilsTop 5 foods to avoid for weight loss

This one, probably everyone should know about but maybe there is one or two things I can teach you today.

All the cooking sprays should be avoided, in the sense that the oil that is inside is most of the time, really bad quality. The worst are Canola, Sunflower and peanut oils. Even Olive oil and Coconut oil aren’t too good in spray as you want them to be cold pressed which they never are, especially for the Coconut. You want to buy one that is extracted cold pressed unrefined and is solid at room temperature.

It is better to cook with a little of coconut oil rather than a canola spray even if you put less. The Saturated fats and the micro nutrients in the Coconut oil will work for you.

To cook something sweet : Coconut oil is your best friend for Fruits and Sweet potatoes or exotic dishes

To cook something savory : Duck Fat is, surprisingly, the best option. I use it for all my meats and if sauté some vegetables, it is absolutelity delicious.

The reason you want to avoid the oils is also because we over eat them. Even Olive oil, it will benefit you but in very small quantities. And no one use less than a Tablespoon.


“Reduced/Low” fat or sugar

Those are some of the worst choices you can make as they kind of lying to you. Think about it, if they are reduced in something, they are going to add something really unwanted inside. Most of them work as if it’s reduced in fat, they will put more sugar, and if it’s reduced sugar, they will be adding more fat.

The third scenario is that they add some other thickening and tasting agents that is just going to ruin your health (all the ingredients with Exxx – xxx stands for a number). Please go for the full fat yogurts, they will work in your favor and taste way better

The good news is that if you start doing this, you are going to avoid most the processed foods and your body will thank you for that. It can be a simple rule to live by : No processed food !

I would add a note : If you are not too overweight or if you are not and if you are just trying to be a bit more healthy. The only thing that I found that can me alright if you allow yourself some flexibility in your diet ; 50% less sugar Heinz Ketchup. It is actually not too bad, they use stevia instead of sugar. I would use a little time to time.

5. (Bonus : about eating outside)Top 5 foods to avoid for weight loss

You are human and you want a social life just like me. And just like me you might have to eat outside because there is a birthday coming up or Valentine’s day or even because you failed to prepare and that’s OK. Do not worry, if you do 90% of the work right you won’t have any consequences if it stays rare. Think that it is the occasion to eat something that you wouldn’t normally eat and that you will gladly go back to your normal nutrition after. It is better to eat rather than skipping the meal and missing on food. Have that Pizza or that Burger and Fries and enjoy them.



You might have found some tips that you didn’t know before, I hope I am leaving you on a positive note for your diet. You know what are the good choices now. If you aren’t sure about some foods please ask me in the comments and I will do my best to let you know what I know.

I will make another article about eating outside when you don’t want to limit the damages on your body. I will give you all the tips that I use and how to make the good choices at the restaurant.

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