The Best Breakfast for Weight Loss – the best way to start your day.

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Today, a great subject because we are going to talk about one my favorite meal of the day. BREAKFAST.

You probably have heard all sorts of different information about this meal and we are going to clarify this subject.

Is it the most important meal of the day ? I would say that it depends. But one thing is sure, you need to have it.

I am going to explain why it is necessary that you eat in the morning and what to eat depending on your lifestyle.

1. Don’t skip Breakfast !

I need to make this clear to many people that only see through “intermittent fasting”. You definitely are going to lose weight because you don’t give your body enough food. Long term you are going to plateau very quick or you are going to eat even less. Bad idea, especially if you want your weight loss to be effective and without bad consequences

When you fast, instead of using the nutrients you give to him, your body functions on Hormones : Adrenaline and Cortisol.

In very small quantities, those two are essential to your survival, the thing is, they are “survival” hormones, they will sacrifice your short term health to prolong the long term health. Instead of using the precious Carbs and Fats as a source of energy, they start catabolizing and use your muscles. So at some point, you not only stop losing fat, your start losing muscle as well. 100% unhealthy.

So the first thing you need t do in the morning is to “Break the Fast” immediately. After a long night of rest your body needs some nutrients again to be able to work at its fulls potential without harming you. With food, the cortisol level drops and you will feel more awake. Not eating is a source of stress on your body.


The exact opposite of what we want to do in the morning. Fasting in the morning can cause dehydration and headaches.

2. The science.

Y’all know that I believe in carbs, and this is the strategic moment to have a nice portion of carbs. It will break the fasting period in your body and will make the difference though out the day. Recent studies are showing that people that eat breakfast and have a regularity in their meals tend to be leaner and healthier.

A macro and micro nutrient intake will be well absorb as your body didn’t get anything for an extended period.What to eat for breakfast

Over the day, you would have 4 meal with around 4 hours interval. Then you stop eating around 2 hours before bed and sleep for 7 hours, that’s 9 hours without food.

At that moment your body is craving for nutrients.

It is recommended to have a complex and simple source of carbohydrates. The purpose is to wake you up and to fuel you for few hours.

A protein source will be part of your breakfast as well. It is essential to your weight loss and will keep your muscles healthy.

A protein intake in the morning cuts the hunger feeling for longer, it has a satiating effect.

3. In the plate.

Carbs and protein are the best combo for Breakfast.

Let’s see the Proteins first : Doctors recommend to people with diabetes to have a source of protein first thing in the morning. It will help to stabilize the insulin levels. Here’s a list of the ideal protein sources to eat in the morning.

  • WHOLE EGGS (you want to keep the yolks, they offer a great source of fat, they will boost your steroidal hormones and testosterone levels
  • Dairy : Great source of whey protein. Yogurts and Cheese are great due to the fermentation. It will contribute to a good digestive health. FULL FAT Milk if also an awesome protein sources.
  • Whey Protein Shake : I don’t usually recommend this because I do believe in the power of eating the products, especially if you are trying to cut down the calories, you want to keep as much food as possible. It is what I do.

    If you feel better with a protein shake and it is the way to put some nutrients in your stomach then so be it !

Carbs, will fuel your body and keep you full of energy. So you want to make so good choices in the morning, I will give you some keys:

  • Complex : you want them to fuel you long term and not crash mid morning
    • Sweet potato Flour : it is my personal Favorite and I won’t change it for the world ( I add 50g to 4 whole eggs and make a Pancakate out of it… It is delicious.
    • Rice : I know that to some people, Rice in the morning might be weird but I recommend you try it if you prefer savory food like me. I usually eat that with 4 eggs. This meal is popular in Asia and it actually an Asian Friend that suggested me that recipe !
    • Oatmeal : Even though it is a great source of carbs, very poor in calories and very high in fibers so perfect if you are a hungry person, it will make you full very easily, I am not a big fan due to the Gluten. It is not in my diet and I wouldn’t recommend it but if you allow gluten in your diet then it is a good choice for you.
    • Buckwheat : A great Carb. A bit “too” plain, that’s why I put it at the bottom at the list, but you can add some water of milk to it and make some traditional Healthy Brittany Crepes.
  • Simple :
    • Fruits are great for digestion and are awesome fast acting carbs so great to wake up and start doing stuff !

      My personal favorite in the morning are bananas or any season fruit

    • Mapple Syrup: I recently started using some maple syrup, it is delicious and actually not too high in sugar compared to other kind of sweeteners. I would rater use it rather than simple table sugar.

4. FATS (bonus)

Fat also essential to every meal and you should absolutely have some in every meal of the day. However, if your training is the morning right after your breakfast, you might want to slowdown on it as it will slow down your digestion.

The last thing you want during your training is to be digesting, especially if you are like me and put real intensity in the gym.


You have got all the keys for a great Breakfast and start the day the best way possible. I would never miss my breakfast for the world, not only because I love to wake up and eat but also because it is essential for the rest of my day and activities. I will also help you think better and be more aware. Low blood sugar is a BAD, BAD thing ! And trust me, I know what it is !

Tell me in a comment what’s your favorite breakfast if you have one. If you don’t have breakfast are going to do something about it ?

I sincerely hope you make the good choice and start eating !!

2 thoughts on “The Best Breakfast for Weight Loss – the best way to start your day.

  1. Great advice. I remember when I was much younger, my breakfast consisted of a cup of coffee and a cigarette. I wasn’t exactly a health nut. I felt pretty bad, but could get away with it in my 20’s.

    As I grew older and wiser, I realized that I had to change my ways. I skipped the cigarette, and would start my day with a spoonful of peanut butter and a banana, then I would hit the gym.

    I eventually quit smoking, which was the best decision I ever made. Now in my mid 40’s I still try to start my day with a healthy breakfast, and a trip to the gym at least 3 days a week.

    What do you think about intermittent fasting though? I’ve been doing that, with an eating window of 8 am to 6pm, and to me, it seems to be working out pretty well. I still try to eat healthy though, I don’t just eat twinkies for a few hours a day.

    1. Excellent choices that you made ! It is important to fix it early so it doesn’t come a habit hard to get rid of.
      Well, my thought are that if it works for you, why not ? But I realized that when my “biggest” meal is my last meal before I sleep, it really improves my sleep and make me leaner and I can wake up at 100%. And I eat first thing when I wake up because I go to train right after so I do need some nutrients. Again, if it’s the way that keeps you healthy and that you can sustain then carry on with that !

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