Exercise tips for beginners – 3 reasons why you shouldn’t “Jog”

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You probably have always heard that running is a great way to lose weight, right ?

Many people are going to be disappointed today… It is a way, not the right way, not even in my top 10…

Today in this article, I will explain to you the three main reasons why jogging shouldn’t be part of your daily routine and what to do instead.

Don’t get me wrong, it has its pros, it is a physical activity which I am 100% positive about it, but the cons list is way bigger. Let’s see that, I give you here 3 reasons why you should avoid this activity.



1. It’s not the best way to lose weight.

If you go with the classic calorie counting, 1 hour of jogging would burn only 250-400 calories. It very few. Let’s say you want to lose weight, why not be on a calorie deficit of 200 calories and park your car a bit further and walk 10 minutes before work and after. This will be more helpful and help you for your fitness goals. It’s not about hard work, it’s about smart work. It is more convenient and easier to sustain.

Also if you count jogging to lose weight, your body won’t let you do that for long… let me explain.

Whenever you have a steady activity, your body becomes more efficient at it. With time your body will consume less energy (fewer calories) to do the same amount of work. That’s why you need to challenge yourself constantly.


2. It’s not even the best way of doing cardio.

When you compare ways to do cardio, let’s say on the weight loss point of view… I know some people they can’t stand to put on their running shoes and say “I can’t come back before one hour”. WHY WOULD YOU DO IT ?

If your fitness goals are actually important to you and you want to lake them part of your life, why not make it enjoyable ? There is more than one way to do a physical activity to lose weight. You can choose any sport.

Plus, for severely overweight and obese people, running on the hard asphalt would be the worst way to become healthy… Your joints will be under a great tension, Ankles and knees are fragile. Why not take the bike ? Swim ? Walk to start ? No pressure on the joints and more enjoyable !

Then when it comes to jogging, it takes the worst part of Sprint training and Walking. You are as tired, your muscles are sore like you ran for your life but actually didn’t do much… Walking is a great way to lose weight, you are never tired unless you walked 10 miles and you are losing as many calories as if you were running.

For advanced people that want to challenge themselves, why not develop your athletic abilities and start Sprint training, less pressure on the joint as you are engaging the movement and momentum, the length of the workout won’t be as long and you will actually burn more fat !

An example of how I started my conditioning training.

For 20 to 30 minutes :

(warm up properly first)

Exercice tips for beginners

1 minute Walk


– 20 seconds sprint




Kill this workout and let me know what you think. I would do this workout if I don’t have access to a gym to keep.


3. How it might kill your precious gym gains…

Recent studies are revealing that when you are going for a cardio session right after your training legs, it has the opposite effect. You are asking your muscles the opposite of what you just asked them before, which is flexing. Now you are just letting the lactic acid go, which is essential to muscle growth and recovery.

Then you just tire yourself up even more. When I want to go for a leg day, I want to be fresh be able to give 100% of my efforts. If you jogged the morning of, or even the day before. You won’t be able to give it all and make these precious gains that you work so hard for…

Instead, if you are worried about the intensity of your training and want to bring your heart rate up, why not using intensification training like Supersets, Bisets, Drop sets or even GiantSets ?


superset :

SQUAT supersetted with HIGH JUMPS

Fitness tips for beginners

biset :


Leg extensions then Sissy Squat

Dropset :


8 repetition then, take off a third of the weight and go for 10-12 reps


GiantSet : (for hardcore lifters) (8-12 reps each exercise) 4 sets


– Weighted walking lunges, (followed straight away with)

– Leg curls (followed straight away with)


– Romanian Deadlift (followed straight away with)


– Leg Extensions (followed straight away with)


– super slow reps on Hack Squat ( around 4 reps must be failure)


Those are some workouts I started with and developed my legs. They are NOT workout plans, they are examples.



Controversy :

This article could be, indeed very much contested because of all the elements against jogging

I want to say that I am not against this physical activity as a whole, it serves its purpose when you want to warm up for example. 5-10 minutes tops in order to elevate the body temperature but not more.

I can’t stress this enough, it brings the worst of the two other activities which are walking and sprinting.

If you ever feel like you are enduring from your run, it might be time to change. You want to dominate your workout and not suffer from it.

However : If it’s YOUR way to enjoy working out and taking care of yourself, then who am I to judge ?

The reason why I write the message right above is because I don’t want my article to be the cause of you giving up on your fitness goals.


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4 thoughts on “Exercise tips for beginners – 3 reasons why you shouldn’t “Jog”

  1. I totally agree running is not the best way to loose weight. I read somewhere that your body burns about as much calories in an hour of running as walking at fast pace. Running is hard on the joints, as we age. I am more into walking and biking as a form of exercise.

    Good input

    1. Walking is a great activity and you should carry on doing that. I love hiking as I live in near the French Alpes, it is even more enjoyable !
      The most important is that you find something that you are happy to do on a regular basis 🙂

  2. Wow! What a great information. I’m a young guy, in my early 20th, I do hit the gym every morning which make me feel good and boost my self esteem. Though I used to take jogging as part of the game , but I later realised it was not making me build that sexy body I want, so I strongly agreed with your opinion.
    Jogging is good just has you’ve said but one shouldn’t do it more than 10-15min.
    From the last point on your article” jogging kills gym gains”, That’s indeed true. I know how I suffered anytime I jogged before going to the gym, I’ll be tired and won’t be able to workout as I want.
    Thanks for sharing this great post. Promised to always come back to check for more exercise tips here.

    1. Great to hear a fellow lifter on my site, indeed many people that told me that they stopped jogging, improved in the gym !
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts !

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