Can Ice Cream Help You Lose Weight ? – You are going to love the answer

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Today, we are going to talk about something that I love… Food but not just food, ICE CREAM

Disclaimer : Ice Cream IS NOT a fat burner, so don’t rush to the freezer to grab the pint of “Cookie dough Ben and Jerry’s”. We are going to do that strategically to help you reach your fitness goals the best way possible ! The fact is, I want you to enjoy your fitness journey, For that, I will give you the information that I was lucky enough to get by weight loss and fitness professionals.

I will be walking you through the science facts and why you shouldn’t be afraid of it, then how to actually implement this great tool in you diet. What exact kinds of Ice Cream I recommend and finally, what do if you don’t like Ice Cream or can’t have it. Sounds fun right ? Let’s get to it !

1. The Science (Please read that)

So, what is the fuss all about. All your life, you have been told that Ice Cream is Junk food and it is bad for you.

Well… it is partly true. The thing is that people that said that probably didn’t have all the information.

It would be a bad food not because there is sugar and fat inside (we already covered here), but really because of everything else that COULD be inside. I am talking about thickeners, taste substitutes, food coloring and all sorts of preservatives. Yes these last ingredients are bad.


So what is so interesting in Ice Cream ?Ice cream for weight loss

What composes Ice Cream :

  • Different types of sugars
  • Fats (from egg yolks)
  • Dairy products (full fat milk and cream) – that will also serve as a protein source
  • The flavor agent (vanilla, chocolate, fruits…)

Those should be all you find in an Ice Cream and I’ll explain why we are going to love them.

The science fact is ;

Combining Sugar (even complex sugars) and SATURATED fat, is the interesting fat. What happens when you eat those (especially before going to bed) is, that you delay the fast that will happen at night. The fast is really something that you don’t want. Whenever you are fasting, your source of energy comes from hormones, Adrenaline and Cortisol. They have their use at some points, you especially don’t want them to be secreted at night.

The saturated fats and the sugar delay that process. Cortisol is a hormone that will help you wake up, that’s actually what puts you out of sleep, a small secretion of that hormone is fine.

But when your body enters in a fast period, your cortisol levels are too high.

The consequences are : Fat Storage in especially in the stomach area, Muscle Loss and bad quality of sleep.

The saturated fat of the cream and eggs and the sugar will fight that : They will give you a better quality of sleep, which will be translated with a better rest for your body, help your metabolism speed up to burn more fat and keep you healthy and finally engage muscle growth.

FACT Cortisol is also produced in periods of great stress (crying can cause that).


2. How to put into practice ?

How much should you eat ? When should you eat Ice Cream ? Again, you are going to love the answers…

The best way to put Ice Cream to good use is to have it… AT NIGHT, exactly, good news right ? As I explained earlier, you want to delay the fast as much as possible. Don’t be afraid of the carbs after 6pm magically transforming into fat, it’s a myth that has been busted long ago, especially is your on a caloric deficit, you are going to want these precious carbs before going to sleep, as late as possible.

To reassure you, I used to be obese, so I am an example of someone that doesn’t have a fast metabolism and can store fat easily and I actually got my abs, eating Ice Cream Every Night right before going to bed. So please, don’t be afraid of carbs and saturated fats, they will help you a lot !

I personally eat 150-200g ( I weigh 200 pounds lean). But you should do it accordingly to your lifestyle, fitness level and fitness goals. Why not start with 80-100g ?

3. What I recommend

When it comes to a processed food, you want the one that is the most natural, the one that you know what’s inside.

You have 2 options :

  • You can grab your Ice Cream to your local dairy farmer if you are lucky enough to have one near your home. Make sure to learn what is inside, you want natural ingredients only or…
  • Haagen Dazs : it really is the next best thing. They are the best options as you can find it anywhere and they are the ones that have the least “wrong” ingredients. They actually really start to be trendy in the fitness industry as many people are looking for the best option for saturated fats and sugar. If you have to buy one in a store, it is this one !

Don’t go for fancy tastes, stay as simple as possible : Vanilla, chocolate, fruits. I personally love “Macadamia nuts” or “Peanuts” from Haagen Dasz. They are absolutely delicious !

4. AlternativeSaturated fat and sugar for fat loss

I already hear people saying “but I don’t like Ice-Cream” or “I can’t have any dairy product !”… I will never leave you hanging, don’t worry I’ve got you covered.

Let’s see, we want some saturated fat, some sugar and some protein.

First, I would say that you want to use unpasteurized dairy products as much as possible because it will preserve all the nutrients and the pro-biotics that will help your digestive health.

  • Whenever I feel like having something sweet : What I do sometime, one apple (or any fruit) cut in thin pieces fried in a little bit of coconut oil, degreased cacao powder (not cocoa) and some cinnamon. I put it on top of a goat milk Greek yogurt (you can do it with any…) + A bit of honey
  • Whenever I feel like having something savory : Some cheese (I like blue cheese) + homemade Jam

Look for healthy carbohydrates + Protein + Saturated fat if you want to make your own Anabolic Pre Sleep recipe.


To put a final world to this article, I want to make it clear that this “Pre Sleep” Meal is a great occasion to go to bed in a very positive way. You eat something that you like, you add some flexibility to your diet that will actually help you reach your fitness goals.

Your body health is very important but you have to take care of your mind as well, being too strict in your diet will only result with Cravings and your brain will play mind tricks on you. Whenever you will have a cheat meal, you won’t stop eating to the point that you will make yourself sick.

For me, that’s what helps me keep my sanity. Something that I like before going to bed.

(Famous bodybuilder Frank McGrath eats cookies and milk before going to bed).

If you are implementing this method or going to, let me know what you think about it by leaving a comment below ! What is your Pre Sleep Snack ?

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