Best Nonstick Pan Review – TFAL for weight loss

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What is the first step when you commit to a Weight Loss ? High-Quality, healthy food. When it comes to cooking, you don’t want to waste all the precious ingredients because of poor quality utensils…

I will present you my personal favorites. The different possible uses and most importantly why you should own a set of nonstickBest nonstick pan review pans in your kitchen to reach your fitness goals.

Product overview

Name : TFAL (tefal) L6509902 : 11 nonstick pieces lot

From : TFAL (tefal)

The cheapest place to buy : Amazon

Price : $128.05

My rating : 9/10


This pack includes 11 different nonstick pots, pans and utensils in order to cook any dish the most efficient way possible.

As every High-Quality item, you need to take care of them, they resist high temperatures but DO NOT clean them with the rough part of the sponge, (you should have to anyway). If you have any difficulty they are DishWasher safe !

It is so convenient

The fact is that you surely don’t realize it on a daily basis but we use our kitchenware so much every day that we neglect to get quality utensils in order to get quality meals.

For instance, do you prefer to cook in a cheap pan, stick half of the food on it and under cook the other half because the heat distribution isn’t regular. That’s what was happening to me, and trust me, I use it every day and every meal.

The most important time for is in the morning because I use it to prepare a Sweet Potato Flour Pancake. The last thing I want in the morning is my pan playing games with me…

What are the REAL benefits ? (time and money saver)

Well… In the first place you are going to be so happy about the time you save.

Let’s see, if the pan is bad quality, what happens ?

  • uneven cooking
  • sticks (waste of food)
  • might burn and stick (waste of time scrubbing it)
  • You might even have to let it soak overnight because you burn some of the food that stuck

Sure you pay more at the beginning. Those pan aren’t cheap, almost $130 buck.

But that is one time. You will soon get your money worth.

Most people when buying cheap kitchen utensils, claim going to buy the same item in the next 12 months or switch for a higher quality one.

When it comes to cooking I decided that I wanted to be able to add fats only for taste purposes and not because I had to in order to not destroy my food.

The truth is, it is not 100% possible today, that’s why I didn’t give a 10/10. I was going to give an 8 the thing is that I actually enjoy some coconut oil in order to cook my Pancake in the Morning or some Duck Fat for all the meats. You are allowed to use a little bit of fats, especially if those fit in your diet. That’s why I gave it a 9. I do use fat for taste purposes as well, and so should you !

Also you will notice that they last longer as they don’t bend because of the heat. If you don’t throw them on purpose on the floor, they should be alright !


Nonstick these dishes to your non stick pan review

You want to eat healthier right ?

These pans are ideal if you are going to eat eggs/egg whites, which I usually do as well. They are great for the meats as you won’t risk burning them and hide the flavors.

I personally use them as well for great soups in winter.
They safely go in the oven for your casseroles and other pies. (shepherd pie is delish)

My favorite is to cook Apple Slices and won’t have to worry about them sticking…


Conclusion : It is a huge YES.

Let’s recap, at the end of the day, you will : save time, money, cook better food. Everything is set up for your weight loss.

Technology is moving forward and catching the train is your best option, especially is it is going to help you.

I give you all the tools to succeed in your quest of a better health and physique. All you need is to apply the knowledge.

Maybe you already possess some Nonstick utensils already ? tell me if you are satisfied about them. Do they help in your everyday life ? How are they a must have in YOUR kitchen ? Comment below and tell me your thought, I will review all of them !

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