5 Food You Should Eat Everyday – for a better metabolism

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When it comes to weight loss, the common mistake is to delete the carbs and the fats and the fat. Sure you will lose weight very quickly. You will also stress your body so much that you will lose lean muscle mass, destroy your hormonal system and you mind will be craving so much of everything. This is not a long term solution and I can’t stress this enough

This list of ingredients will help you so much for your weight loss and health long-term. I eat those everyday pretty much every day and I feel great and my body is thanking me. I am getting leaner. Yes it is a slow process, but it is the only one that you can sustain. This short list will help you boost your metabolism or give you a health metabolism.

People tend to plateau because their body isn’t ready to lose weight anymore. The stress hormones are high and the gut health isn’t functioning like it should.

1. Animal Protein5 foods you should eat every day for weight loss

The animal protein is the most adapted for humans. Its absorption is optimal, given that the meat is of a good enough quality. The ideal meat would be grass fed, and free-range. Believe it or not, but the quality of life of the animal directly impacts on the nutrients in the meat.

If you like it, don’t be afraid of eating beef, even fatty ones if the meat is good quality. However, I would recommend not to eat the most fatty parts of the Beef every day, as you still want to be aware of the amount of fat you are consuming. Lean red meat is high in creatine and protein and has about the same amount of fat as the turkey breast.

If you prefer fatty fishes, which is great, try to go for wild. They are much high in protein and the fat is better quality. The wild salmon for example can me recognized to its color, the meat is way more red. You will see that it tastes much better.

2. Eggs5 food you should eat every day for weight loss

Eggs are some of my favorite food. It is an incredible source of protein and fat. I will ask you one thing, never separate the white and the yolk. They are complimentary in the egg. Even though most of the protein is in the white, the yolk contains the amino acids that is completing the protein in the egg. Also, the saturated fats in the yolk will help reduce the stress hormones and will boost your steroid hormones.

Keep in mind that the dietary cholesterol does not impact blood cholesterol so you can eat them safely, they won’t harm you. Like everything, at the end of the day, they still are calories and need to be taken into account.

A piece of advice, when it comes to the eggs, you want to cook the whites, don’t do like Rocky, The protein will be better absorbed if it is cooked. At the contrary, the yolks will ideally stay uncooked if you are frying them, cook the whites, then add them on top for the last minute or less. This will you will get all the nutrients possible.

3. Dairy products5 foods you should every day for fat loss

Dairies are as well, some of the best foods of humans. Again, the quality is essential. See my article on dairy products here.

Nutrition Science has make a huge step forward, discovering that milk (and other dairy products) are easy on the guts and that the sugar contained will help to lower stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol), which will result in boosting the metabolic rate. They support the production of active thyroid hormone.

Many people nowadays, have thyroid and hormones problems due to the lack of sugar in their diet. I went through this as I made the mistake to stop the carbs in my diet, which resulted in mood swings, hair loss, strength loss. Make sure have a balanced diet (Fats, Protein, Carbs).

Parmesan is one of the greatest dairy source. High in protein and fermented, it will help your guts and boost your metabolism. It is also delicious. I add it to my meal whenever I can.

Or even better : ditch your post workout protein shake and start having a glass of organic, unpasteurized milk (full fat) with some honey or maple syrup and pure cacao. This is the best post workout you could ask for ! It will take care of your guts and feed you in healthy fats.

4. Coconut Oil5 foods you should eat every day for fat loss

The benefits of coconut oil are not to be proven anymore. Saturated fat will help decrease your stress hormone levels. That means, it will help you sleep, recover and lose weight. Also, Virgin Coconut oil is ideal for cooking as the olive oil oxidizes and can become toxic when heated.

Also, recent studies are showing that the polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) are not as healthy as we once thought. Best to keep the olive oil locked and take the coconut oil. I will refer you to the work of the Nutrition Expert,Ray Peat Ph.D., http://raypeat.com/articles/articles/coconut-oil.shtml. He will tell you himself that sugar and saturated fats are in it for longevity.

Coconut oil should be included in your nutrition. It is a natural fungicide and antibiotic, antiseptic and promoter of immunity. It will take care of your gut health and boost your metabolism rate.

Your Brain tissues are very rich in Saturated fat, so you need to give its priority matter substance in order to function well. You will feel deeper breathing and sharper focus and hyperthyroid window for the next to hours if only have a spoon of this oil.

5. Fruits5 foods you should eat every day for weight loss

Same with the fruits, they are some of the best source of carbs you can get. They are simple, high in fructose which has the same effect as the coconut oil, it will reduce your stress hormone levels. It is also rich in vitamins and fiber for your gut health. They are easy on the guts and digested very well. What happens with the fruits compared to processed sources of carbs, your body will spend more energy to break them down so it results in a better Thermic Effect of Food (TEF)

The fibers make the very satiating and which make it ideal for weight loss compared to flour-based carbs like pasta or bread that aren’t filling as much.

Conclusion :

Some of you have noticed that these foods are part of a pro-thyroidic nutrition, which is the only one that can give you, in this order : HEALTH > ENERGY > LEAN BODY

This is essential for long term weight loss. I can’t stress this enough. Do not cut the carbs and the fats of your nutrition, they are your allies and will help you reach your fitness goals and give you that lean body. I will talk in another article about the consequences of a diet poor in carbs and fats and how it is the biggest mistake you can make !

Please let me know if you learned something today of if you just liked the article. It would mean the world to me to get some feedback and some comments.

Do you implement these foods on a daily basis in your ?

What is your nutrition like right now ?


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